Celebrities We Wouldn't Want to Serve at a Restaurant

Clearly these stars need a serious lesson in restaurant etiquette
Kendall Jenner
Facebook/Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is facing some restaurant controversy.

Kendall Jenner, member of the Kardashian clan, is threatening to sue a waitress from Mercer Kitchen for defamation claiming that the 18-year-old threw money at her face. According to a tweet by the waitress, Kendall tried to dine and dash, but after the waitress chased her down the street, Jenner threw the money in her face. According to Jenner’s lawyer, Kendall did forget to pay, but once the waitress approached her outside the restaurant, she was very apologetic and paid everything she owed plus a tip.

Whether or not Kendall Jenner is innocent in this particular case of restaurant rudeness, we are reminded of other stories of celebrities being particularly mean at restaurants. These four celebrities would be the absolute worst to wait on, and we hope we never meet them while we’re at a restaurant.


Apparently Usher is an absolutely terrible tipper, and he often tries to get others to pick up the bill for him. On top of that, there’s a rumor floating around that the singer once left his autograph in place of a tip.

Lea Michele

She may play a sweet and ambitious girl on Glee, but it seems that at restaurants Lea Michele is anything but. When out to dinner with her family, she allegedly consistently harassed the waitress and then after only 20 minutes of waiting, she sent her father back to the kitchen to harangue the cooks on what was taking so long. 

Keanu Reeves 

We would definitely not want to sit next to Keanu Reeves at a restaurant, because he allegedly once removed his shoes while eating at a fine dining eatery. We’re all about being comfortable, but the smell of feet isn’t exactly appetizing.

Robert De Niro

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Quite frankly, we’d be a little intimidated coming across Mr. De Niro anywhere, but apparently he’s an absolute nightmare at restaurants. A customer claimed they  once saw him demand a table where there were already patrons eating. After not taking no for an answer, Mr. De Niro was escorted out.