Kim Kardashian Tweets Her Meals, Drinks, and Snacks

See what the celebrities have been eating this week

Curious as to what your favorite celebrities have been eating lately? Head to Twitter! Be forewarned, though. These tweets are sure to make you hungry.

This week, Jimmy Fallon played beer pong with Angie Harmon, Kristen Bell used scissors to eat peaches, and Anthony Bourdain felt embarrassed about eating Popeyes chicken. 

  • Nicole Richie @nicolerichie

"I’m about to go H.A.M on these Pop-Tarts!" 

"Embarassed about the Popeyes confession. My hideous secret. #NoReservations"

"Green room before going on…love that cocktails are served in mason jars!!"

"I’m craving Top Ramen noodles!!"

"Does this milk smell bad to you? You can tweet smells, right?"

"I just ate 3 peaches with scissors backstage at the #cmtawards – here is the proof. #hungryduringaquickchange …"


"New Late night tonight!! Beer pong w/ @Angie_Harmon…"