Celebrating the Queen's Jubilee in the States

Make the Queen's Jubilee a British import! Celebrate her anniversary at home

It's time to start preparing for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, a celebration of her 60-year reign that is set to take place in early June. The British monarchy has organized an itinerary jam-packed with derbies, carriage processions, and even a rumored Spice Girls concert.

But much of the focus will be on food, as thousands of the queen’s loyal subjects take their celebrations to the streets, organizing traditional British street parties. The biggest of these street parties will take place June 3 in downtown London — the Big Jubilee Lunch, which is basically a huge street party where Londoners can pack their own picnics or grab food from the stores along Piccadilly Circus.

"Big Jubilee Lunches will be happening right across the land and throughout the Commonwealth," said Peter Stewart, director of the Big Jubilee Lunch.

For those who can't make it across the pond in time, it's easy to continue these celebrations right here in America. Just grab a few friends, settle on a location, and organize your menu accordingly.

A must on any Jubilee menu is Coronation chicken, a dish designed to celebrate the queen’s coronation. Keeping with the British theme, the menu could also include fish and chips, beef Wellingtons, puddings, and other traditional British foods. For dessert, perhaps a classic British trifle, or you could even attempt to create a portrait cake of the queen. To drink, try making an English tea-based cocktail..

If you’re at a loss for ideas or don’t feel up to making your own decorations, the Duchess of Cambridge’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, have created a line of Jubilee-related party supplies that are for sale through their party planning company, Party Pieces. One of these ultimate party kits provides entertainment for 24 guests and can be purchased online for ₤43.03 (about $68.05). A cheaper alternative is to download your own Big Jubilee Lunch Pack for free.