Cannabis Club Offerings Slideshow


The Farmacy

According to the L.A. Times' local blog, The Farmacy is one of 966 dispensaries in the Los Angeles area. This is one of  the Kmart-esque setups that offers everything: edibles like macaroons and gelato, bottled drinks like THC lemonade and green tea, and even toiletries like THC-laced bath salts, breath mints and lip balm. There's also a restaurant and cooking classes, but reports are that it's become like a commercial chain store.


Cannabutter has been the staple ingredient in the creation of medical edibles like baked goods, but the fat in butter has led to some obvious health concerns. We now know that THC can be dissolved in three substances: fat, alcohol, and glycerin. With the growing popularity of health and vegan-friendly foods, people are cooking alcohol- and glycerin-based marijuana tinctures instead of the traditional fat-based methods.


Forget the notion that marijuana-laced food will put you into a tryptophan-like food coma. Biscuits and biscottis are meant to be light, coffee mates, and these are no exception. For patients who dose accordingly, edibles can act to enable more normal routines by easing or eliminating daily pains.


Greenway Compassionate Relief in Santa Cruz took home the first-ever High Times Medical Cannabis Cup for Best Edible for their stoner's blueberry biscotti.

Not So Virgin Olive Oil

Think of Not So Virgin Olive Oil as you would any herb-infused olive oil, only this one has a medicinal focus. You can purchase it a The Farmacy in Venice, Calif., for $49, $99, or $199, depending on size. Or, you can infuse it at home and to save some green to buy more green, legally of course.

Sweet Relief Medicated Drinks

Sweet Relief is a new company developed by former Spice Market chef, Chef Jade. As is common in the cannabis market, Chef Jade got into recipe and brand development by way of injury. When she tore her shoulder, she simultaneously caught a whooping cough that prevented her from benefiting from smoking marijuana. After looking for alternative pain relief she came up with Crystal Light-like powders called Sweet Relief Medicated Drinks that are discreet and true to their label flavors. Look for this season’s cider and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

All KFCs Are Not Created Equal

An abandoned Kentucky Fried Chicken in Palms, Calif., has made room for another, more elite KFC. Kind For Cures opened over a year ago and make the most of their location by offering a special "Colonel" strain of marijuana. Fans rave about their edibles, like Stoneos, widely known as chocolate-dipped wafer cookie sandwich filled with creme (kind of like Oreos), as well as candy like pot-lollipops.

The Daily Meals

It’s important for patients to have access to around-the-clock care, be it arthritis or cancer. To fill that role, Green Ticket Bakery offers a wide variety of food that can be delivered to a patient in need. Some menu standouts include: gluten-free zucchini bread, diabetic carrot cake, spring rolls, and even a holiday turkey. Time to rethink next year's Thanksgiving dinner.

Savory Snacks

Munchies that might give you the munchies? Auntie Dolores makes an array of baked goods along with snack food like pretzels, chili-lime peanuts and "potcorn." Products are sold at dispensaries around the country.


The fries may not be medicated but the condiments can be. At least, the spicy ketchup from Creme de Canna sure is. Some dispensaries offer wildflower honey infused with THC, which seems like a great cure for a sore throat.