Can Charli Cohen Blend Fashion and Fitness Into One Stylish Collection?


The thing about workout clothes is that they look like, well—something you’re going to get sweaty and run around in. And while that’s basically the purpose of your fitness gear, wouldn’t you prefer something a little more—stylish? If we spend all that time in the gym working on our bod shouldn’t our sportswear flatter us, at the very least? Well, finally someone agreed with us and is slated to release a collection of pants, sweatshirts and sports bras that are fashionable, functional and so very luxe. Starting her new brand on Kickstarter, Charli Cohen is gearing up to offer her eponymous active wear line.

The young British designer is no stranger to fashion or fitness, which makes her kind of perfect for the job. Graduating from the Kensington University London in womenswear, her final student collection won her several prestigious awards including the LYCRA Future Designers Award at the WGSN Global Fashion Awards, the Gold and Womenswear Awards at Graduate Fashion Week and the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Merit Award. Cohen started early, her first foray into fashion was at 15 (when many of us were still rocking butterfly clips and eye glitter) and began her first personal training agency at 18. So—she knows a thing or two about trying to merge the two together.

Trying to coalesce style and function is easier said than done, and while sportswear has made progress in leaps and bounds, mostly during the last ten years, it’s still not quite there. Just because sports bras and capris come in bright colors doesn’t make them fashionable. And while we would totally choose a pink track jacket over a giant t-shirt that doesn’t mean we want to go parading around in what is essentially a basic cover-up. This debut collection actually has cuts and form to flatter the body no matter if you like to work out in skin-tight clothes or looser designs.

We know you won’t be working out in chunky heeled booties (even though they’re awesome), but at least you’ll still look good. And if bright yellow isn’t your color, there are always greys to choose from.  While everything is only available for pre-order (shipment is expected late January), it doesn’t mean you can’t grab a few just in time to be delivered for your New Year’s resolutions. So this year you can resolve to hit the gym everyday—and look good while doing it.