Cola-Flavored Potato Chips Unveiled in Japan

New cola-flavored chips only available by claw machine in Japan

Calbee's new cola-flavored potato chips will only be available to people who can win bags of them in the claw machines at Namco game centers in Japan.

Chips and soda are a winning pairing, but usually in the sense that a salty chip and a fizzy beverage make a nice snack. Now one Japanese snack company has decided that what the world needs at the moment is a snack that captures that experience, but without actually having to bother including a beverage, because cola-flavored chips are a thing that exists now.

According to Rocket News 24, the Calbee snack company has come out with a cola-flavored potato chip that they say is “revolutionary,” and the novelty of a cola-flavored chip is sure to catch a lot of people’s attention.

Unfortunately, the chips will only be available to those with the very best hand-eye coordination, because they will not be sold in stores. If anyone wants to try the cola-flavored chips, they’re going to have to win them by playing a claw game at an arcade.

The chips will come out on December 18 in the claw machines at Namco arcade centers around Japan.