Find a Cadbury’s White-Chocolate Crème Egg and Win Big

Candy lovers in the U.K. can pretend to be Charlie Bucket

Start your Easter-egg hunting early. Candy lovers in the U.K. can pretend to be Charlie Bucket as they hunt for a rare Cadbury’s white-chocolate crème egg. But instead of winning a golden ticket to see Willy Wonka’s fantastical factory, they can win cold hard British cash.

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There are 111 white Cadbury crème eggs hidden in regular crème egg wrappers across the United Kingdom. (There was a similar contest last year, and one editor reported a possible way to hunt down the white eggs.) But hunters don’t have to find an actual sweet treat. Images of crème eggs have also been hidden in social media, billboards, websites and more.

“Hunt down the hidden Creme Eggs that have infiltrated other brands' ads, social feeds, billboards, websites and who knows where else,” Cadbury’s urges its buyers. Clues will be provided on the How Do I Hunt? website beginning on Jan. 14. A video on the site shows an example – a crème egg is hidden on the couch in a video advertising Oreo cookies.

Once you locate a hidden egg, take a photo or screenshot of it and upload the image to the website to unwrap it. A white egg gives you the chance to win £10,000 (remember, this is for U.K. residents only – but that does translate to U.S. $12,600). If your image turns out to be milk chocolate, Cadbury will send you a voucher to redeem a free crème egg at a store. Full rules are here.

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It may not be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but the Cadbury egg hunt will give Brits a sweet spring, to be sure. If chocolate is your weakness, check out these deliciously decadent chocolate recipes.