Cadbury Creme Eggs

Here’s How to Identify a White Chocolate Cadbury Creme Egg Without Unwrapping It

A reporter from Metro UK found a massive clue on her egg’s ingredients list
Cadbury Creme Eggs

White chocolate Cadbury Creme Eggs are hiding, but the wrappers have a secret clue. 

This year Cadbury announced it was finally releasing a white chocolate version of its famous Cadbury Creme Eggs. Instead of just giving them a fancy new wrapper and putting them up for sale in stores, however, the company made 371 white chocolate eggs, then wrapped them in normal Cadbury Creme Egg wrappers and mixed them in with the regular ones. That means every Creme Egg purchased in the U.K. is a bit of a mystery right now. It might be an ordinary egg, but it might also be a rare white chocolate Creme Egg. Now one intrepid reporter may have figured out the trick to identifying white chocolate Creme Eggs without unwrapping them.

The hidden Creme Egg promotion is a fun game, but on top of being culinary curiosities, the white ones are worth money. Each egg comes with a prize of between $137 and $2,750, so a lot of people aren’t letting their chances rely on luck, they’re just unwrapping eggs in supermarkets, looking for white ones. According to The Daily Star, one woman says she even saw an employee opening all the Creme Eggs at a Sainsbury’s grocery store and then sealing them up again.

The situation appears to be aggravating some customers who just want to buy and eat the regular chocolate Creme Eggs.

But entertainment editor Claire Rutter was opening one for a video taste test, and she discovered a big clue on the list of ingredients. A normal Cadbury Creme Egg reportedly has “milk chocolate” on its list of ingredients, but the white chocolate Creme Eggs don’t contain milk chocolate at all.

In the video, Rutter showed off her egg for the camera while describing how rare they are and how everyone wants to find them.


“You don’t know, going into a store, whether it’s going to be a white one or not,” she says, before trailing off and looking up at the camera as though she thinks someone might be playing a trick on her.

“There is a clue here,” she said. “There is, it says ‘white.’”

Two more people came onto camera to check it out, and they all agreed that the ingredients list gave away the trick.

According to The Sun, a spokesperson for Cadbury's explained that the white Cadbury Creme Eggs would have nutritional information that was specific to the white chocolate variety, because manufacturers are legally required to accurately display all ingredients on a product's packaging.


Still, so far only one person has found a white chocolate Cadbury Creme Egg in a store. According to Good Housekeeping UK, a daycare manager named Natasha Bream was the first person to find one of the eggs, and she won $1,370 for it. And over the weekend, 18-year-old Charlie Dunne reportedly found the second one and won $275. The other eggs are still out there, so there’s still time to find one before white chocolate Cadbury Creme Eggs disappear to the list of discontinued snack foods we wish they’d bring back.