Bypass the Complexities of Brewing Beer & Let the Brewbot Do It For You


With craft beer booming, everyone wants to be a home brewer nowadays, but actually doing it can be more of a commitment than you're prepared for—it's scientific, complicated, and requires a lot of patience and training to do right. If you would prefer just skipping all of the training and spending your time coming up with funny brew names based on your favorite yoga pose or Beyoncé song instead, the Brewbot is where you need to turn. 

Photo Courtesy of Brewbot

The company behind the at-home brewing machine already has a huge database full of recipes (or you can always create your own), so that once you have decided on one, all you have to do it follow directions on the app to make sure the gadget has all of the ingredients it needs, when it needs it. The entire process can be tracked on your phone, which will notify you when the fermenting stage is finally finished and you can actually get to drinking. 

Photo Courtesy of Brewbot

There are four different options you can buy: the original made from reclaimed wood, the chalkboard version you can draw on, one made from walnut, or you can work with the team to create a completely bespoke unit (like the super cool one they made for Wired). Pre-order prices range from $2,800 to $4,200.  

Photo Credit: Filly Campbell Photo Courtesy of Brewbot Photo Courtesy of Brewbot