Buy Some Dawg Grog, Beer for Your Beagle

A brewer in Bend, Oregon, decided to create a beer for his dog Lola Jane. And now, you can buy it

This might just sound like an episode of Portlandia, but this isn't a spoof. Dog lover and Boneyard Brewery worker Daniel Keeton in Bend, Ore., really wanted to have a beer with his dog Lola Jane. And so, he created a beer for dogs.

The beer, titled Dawg Grog, is nonalcoholic, so you won't be able to see what a drunk dog is like (sleepy, we imagine), but the mixture includes low-sodium vegetable broth, water, glucosamine, and spent grain from Boneyard Brewery. The 16-ounce amber-tinted bottles might look vaguely like they house beer, but it's more like fancy, packaged dog soup. Still, the thought is adorable.


Keeton suggests serving the dog beer over dry dog food, or by itself. "A couple of my friends who just acquired a puppy are making ice cubes out of it, and it's helping the puppy with teething," he told KTVZ. A six-pack of 16-ounce Dawg Grog costs $36, but isn't sharing a beer with your best friend worth it? Now, they just need to make some white wine for puppies to appease the Upper East Side ladies.