At Bunk, The Sandwich is King

When is a sandwich more than a sandwich?

If there’s one thing worth knowing about Bunk Sandwiches, which has two locations in Portland (one Southeast and one Downtown), it’s this: get there early. For one thing, it’s only open until 3 PM. For another, the lines can get long.

Bunk’s offerings are more than just sandwiches, though. They’re decadent, groan-inducing full meals. Even the seemingly simple breakfast sandwiches, like bacon, egg, and cheese on a hard roll seem to transcend that title.

Come lunchtime, the sandwiches are enough to make you want to take the whole day off in order to eat them very slowly: pulled pork with apple cabbage slaw, pickles, and mustard; roast beef with horseradish, caramelized onions, dijon & sharp cheddar; roasted chicken salad with dijon, bacon & avocado; Italian cured meats with marinated hot peppers & spicy provolone, a meatball parm hero.

Coffee is from Stumptown, and sides include red beans and rice and potato salad with bacon and egg.


These sandwiches are made with love, you can tell. And after unwrapping your sandwich, you’ll certainly be eating with love.