Build Your Own Parfait

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Build Your Own Parfait


1. Regular or Greek yogurt
2. Healthy granola or cereal
3. Fruit
4. Chocolate chips or another sweet alternative such as Heath Bar
5. Tall cup or glass

Photo by Lauren Kaplan

Photo by Lauren Kaplan


1. Choose your favorite “go to” Greek yogurt to fill the bottom of the cup
2. Pick your favorite healthy granola or cereal to give your parfait the perfect texture
3. Pile on some more yogurt!
4. Add small fruits like berries or cut up banana
5. See step 3
6. Top off your parfait with some chocolate chips

My favorite parfait ingredients:

1. Fage fat free plain Greek yogurt
2. Kashi Go Lean Crunch
3. Blueberries and sliced banana
4. Guittard extra dark chocolate chips

Looking to make your own granola? Try this recipe!

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