Build a Fairy House Out of Food

The kids will love this fun food activity
Fairy Food Homes
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Make the world a magical place with these adorable ideas.

We all know that Ireland’s favorite mythical creature is the leprechaun. We see him dressed in his green garb, smoking an Irish pipe, and fawning over his pot of gold. But what most people don’t know is that the leprechaun is actually thought to be a mischievous fairy that makes shoes and plays tricks on unsuspecting humans. Irish fairy folklore in general dates back even further to Celtic mythology and tales peasants used to tell. 

To keep this fabulous Irish folklore alive, make the world a little more magical for your kids by constructing a fairy house with them. With the help of some carving foods or even some old containers, you can start a fun project and tell tales to while making them. The little ones will love the idea of capturing their fairy friends and will delight in listening to your favorite fairy tales as they work! Here are some great ideas for constructing your own fairy house:

Watermelon House

After you and your little one scoop out all of the delicious fruit, you can help them carve an adorable house for fairies to live in. Save the seeds for decorating and tell the kids since all fairies love everything sweet, they’ll flock to this little home.

Wine Cork House

Your kids definitely can’t help you get the materials, but once you save enough of them, this little house will serve as comfy quarters for the wee creatures in your garden. You could even add a little chalkboard paint and write “Welcome” messages to entice the little creatures.

Pumpkin Place

Cinderella only got a carriage out of her pumpkin! You can easily transform a pumpkin (or any gourd) into a cute domicile for curious fairy creatures. We just love the little domestic accents of twig ladders and windowpanes!

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