The Bugatti Veyron of Hookah Pipes Costs $100k


The venerable and iconic Bugatti Veyron is nearing the end of its production cycle. Of the 450 examples to be built, Bugatti has to date made 400. That number includes all the fixed-roof coupes, leaving only fifty Grand Sport and Vitesse roadsters available before the entire model line is finally discontinued. And while Bugatti has sold Veyrons all around the world, there's little doubt over where the Alsatian automaker has found one of its largest customer bases. And that's in the Middle East.

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The emirates along the Persian Gulf probably have the highest concentration of Veyrons of any region in the world, and it's to those same customers that Bugatti evidently hopes to sell this latest product. Or rather Desvall does, we should clarify. The Swedish workshop makes high-end hookahs and recently negotiated for the rights to use the Bugatti name on its latest product. Like the Veyron, this water pipe is made from titanium and carbon fiber, instead of the usual glass and steel. Its svelte shape stands two and a half feet tall and is ready to accept the finest of molasses-soaked tobacco. For a price, of course, and what a price it is. 

Photo Courtesy of Porsche Design

Devsall is charging $100k for one of these shishas, and will only make 150 of them — one for every three Veyrons that will ever be built. If that's a little rich for your blood, but you like the idea of an automotive-designed hookah, Porsche Design will gladly sell you one of its shishas for the comparable bargain of $1,950. 

Of course you could buy a nice hookah at the bazaar in any Middle Eastern or North African country for hardly the square root of either of those prices, but for someone prepared to spend an easy hundred grand on a new Porsche or nearly $3M for a Bugatti, these figures barely amount to a drop in the water pipe.