The Best Buffalo-Style Eats In Chicago

Football is getting underway, and bars are pulling out the wetnaps. That's right: it's buffalo wing season. Buffalo wings are a bar food standard throughout the year, but they are a particular favorite for football fans. On Super Bowl Sunday alone in 2012, about 1.25 billion wings were consumed. There's serious demand for this spicy snack. However, the football season is long, and who really wants to eat chicken every week? If you're craving that buffalo zing but want to switch things up, try one of these more unique buffalo dishes around Chicago.

Buffalo Fries at Edzo's Burger Shop: Edzo's burgers are much beloved in Chicago, but their wide selection of fries is worth a bite or ten. The buffalo fries are smothered in the tangy sauce and heavily sprinkled with crumbles of blue cheese. Way better than ketchup any day.

Buffalo Cheese Sticks at J. Patrick's: Forget the marinara sauce. Fried mozzarella gets a delicious, spicy upgrade when it's tossed in buffalo sauce. Served up with ranch, this bar snack mash-up gives the best of both and will have you craving more.

Buffalo Seitan Wings at Chicago Diner: If meat's not your thing, but you still want to get into the spirit of the snack, Chicago Diner has got just what you need. These seitan wings come with vegan ranch, celery, and no lack of flavor. You'll never miss the chicken.

Flying Pork Wings at Flo & Santos: Looking for something more substantial than some itty bitty chicken wings? The Flying Pork Wings deliver a hefty portion of tasty pork, liberally slathered in sauce. These are for the serious buffalo lovers.

Buffalo Calamari Cobb Salad at Rockit Bar & Grill: For the adventurous eaters, this buffalo dish definitely is outside the box. Your standard Cobb salad gets a kick from crispy calamari tossed in buffalo sauce and a zesty jalapeno ranch dressing. With heat like that, no one is going to get on your case for ordering a salad.