Brunch Ideas: A DIY Coffee Bar

Perk everyone up with this unique brunch idea!

DIY Brunch Ideas

Brunch is one of the most underrated meals to host. For one thing, brunch menus are easy to pull together. Brunch can either be a fun family event, or the gateway into a day of glorious day loading. It seems like hosting a brunch event is a no-brainer right?

While it isn't too tough to find incredible brunch main dishes and brunch cocktails, it can be a little challenging coming up with creative and healthy non-alcoholic drinks to serve. But it doesn't have to be!

With a few inventive blends and a few extra ingredients, you can "perk up" your coffee and offer an inventive DIY coffee bar your guests will love. Check out these tasty recipes from Dunkin' Donuts and Hungry Girl!

Sticky Bun Coffee

Want to indulge in the morning without derailing your day? This delicious sticky bun coffee is perfect for brunch and can make your guests’ morning (or afternoon) a sweet one!

Sweet and Spicy Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Coffee

Nothing will wake your guests up like this coffee. Aside from the caffeine, this recipe uses a dash of cayenne pepper to really kick brunch up a notch!

Chocolate Cinnamon Coffee Malt

A chilled drink with fun fall flavors is just what your brunch needs! We love the addition of delicious chocolate morsels; it makes waking up for brunch on a Sunday well worth it!

White Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Coffee


Who needs a breakfast pastry when you have this deliciously sweet treat? Fall or winter brunches will taste warm and cozy with this great recipe!