Bromance Vacations: 8 Testosterone-Fueled Trips

Grab your bros and hit the road

Tanque Verde Ranch

When a few drinks, a ballgame, or a day in the man cave simply won’t do, grab the guys and head out of town. Just as hotels around the world have created girlfriend getaways for women, a bevy of hotels are also offering bromance getaways, packaged stays with amenities and activities geared toward men in need of some male bonding.

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From surfing lessons in Manhattan Beach, Calif., to cattle herding in the Arizona desert, men seeking manly vacations can hit the road for action-packed getaways.

Other testosterone-fueled trips include fly-fishing and ATV tours in Utah, high-speed Harley-Davidson treks in Aruba, and VIP baseball tickets in San Diego.

The Daily Meal has compiled some inspirational bromance adventures that won’t break the bank. Grab some buds and go on a Bromance Getaway!

Lauren Mack is the Travel Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @lmack.