10 More Unusual Wedding Cakes

Inventive creations that will certainly leave lasting memories on the big day

Bushel cale

When it comes to planning a wedding, a lot of time, effort, and consideration go into every single detail, from the invitation, the dresses, down to the welcome bags and favors that should delight guests and have them thinking of your big day even long after it has passed. You want your wedding to be memorable for your guests — but also ensure that there is meaning in each detail for you.

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One of the easiest ways to add a personal touch to your wedding is through your cake. Whether it’s inspired by your dream wedding across the pond in France (when your budget simply won’t allow it), or your love of the sea, the options are limitless. Who needs a more plain-Jane cake when you can select something much more eccentric, like a Cinderella-inspired cake inspired by the one designed for Shaquille O’Neal’s wedding?

These aren’t just cakes jazzed up with crazy colors, flavors, or lights (though, we’ve found those, too). Marrying in a setting quite majestic, be it out of doors or in a cherry- and bird’s eye-maple-paneled room with fine fretwork and leaded stained-glass Tiffany windows, or under the trees in a bed of pine needles? Be inspired by your surroundings, as one couple was, when choosing your cake. Or do as another couple did and use a favorite childhood book as the concept behind there unusual wedding cake. Looking for something that will catch your guest's eye? Opt for a cake that looks like it will tumble to the floor, or choose something truly unexpected — a cake covered in flames. And if that isn’t enough, there is always the cake made to look like a vase (or is it the vase meant to look like the cake?), with a top layer that appears to simply just float on the air.

Click here to see 10 More Unusual Wedding Cakes Slideshow.

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