Brick Burger Restaurant Specializes in Lego-Shaped Food

Brick Burger turns normal food into Lego food

The Brick Burger restaurant specializes in rectangular food that looks just like it was made out of Lego bricks.

Parents always say not to play with food, but one could see an exception being made in the case of a restaurant that is intentionally making all its food look like Lego bricks.

According to Rocket News 24, the Brick Burger cafe in Pasig, Philippines, is a Lego-theme wonderland for people who want to pretend to be little yellow Lego guys. The place is designed in bright colors and rectangular shapes to look like it was assembled out of Lego bricks, and the salt and pepper shakers look just like Lego bricks, but full of salt and pepper.


The restaurant has a full menu of things like nachos and chicken fingers, but really it specializes in different types of hamburgers served on buns designed to look like Lego bricks. Technically they do not call them Lego bricks, just “bricks,” but with the raised dots on top, they certainly look very Lego-esque. They even come in different colors. Some burgers are served on red buns, blue buns, or yellow buns, and more. One ice cream sundae even comes topped with a little yellow plastic man instead of a cherry.