Soccer Team Uses Players’ Numbers as Supermarket Ads

A Brazilian soccer team is advertising its sponsor’s wares with its players’ numbers

A Brazilian soccer team is using its players' numbers to advertise the price of pizza and other products at the local supermarket.

A Brazilian soccer team looking for a way to make some more money has figured out a new type of sponsorship deal, and it’s letting a local supermarket advertise its product prices right on the players’ shirts.

According to The Independent, the Fluminense de Feira team in Brazil actually figured out how to turn the players’ numbers into ads. Now, one of the team’s star players is no longer player number 10. He’s player 10.98, which is the price of a pizza at the local supermarket. Other players advertise the costs of shampoo, shaving cream, and other grocery store products.


Team marketing director Xiko Melo came up with the unconventional idea, and he says it was necessary because the Brazilian Football Confederation does not provide enough support for smaller like his, so they have to get sponsorship money wherever they can find it, and if that includes turning the players into a supermarket circular, then so be it.