Brad Pitt to Serve 'Homemade Wine' at His Wedding

Brangelina will reportedly serve a wine made from their own French estate
Brad Pitt's Wine

Photo Modified: Flickr/DoD News Features/CC 4.0

Brad Pitt will serve a wine from his own estate at his wedding.

The whole world is buzzing about Brangelina's upcoming nuptuals, and we have a juicy (literally) piece of gossip about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's wedding: the couple will supposedly serve their own "homemade" wine at the wedding. Say what now?

Because the couple is reportedly getting married at their Miraval estate in France, they plan to serve wines made on the property, including a bottle called "Pink Floyd." (The reason for the name? Pink Floyd recorded their famous album, "The Wall," at the estate long before Brangelina occupied it.) Said a source to The Sun newspaper, Pitt has "excellent taste" in wine. "Guests shouldn’t be disappointed in his taste...He’s always had a keen interest in wine and after doing his wine steward’s course earlier this year, he’s pretty much a certified expert," said the source. 

Pitt also reportedly picked all seven wines to be served at the wedding, including some bordeaux, burgundy, champagne, and German wines. Who knew Pitt was such a wino?


(Photo Modified: Flickr/DoD News Features/CC 4.0)