Book to Decode Scary Starbucks Language

Grande skinny latte? Apple chai? Fear no more, this book will help initiate the Starbucks virgins

A Non-Starbucks Sign

If our guide to Starbuck's secret menu scared you a bit, you may need just a little more information before you try to order something like a Zebra Mocha.

Former Starbucks barista and store manager Kenneth Brown has decided to write a book breaking down the Starbucks terminology, called Inside the Cup: Ordering and Understanding Starbucks.

"So many customers enter Starbucks only to be perplexed and intimidated by the menu," Brown wrote on his Kickstarter page. "This book takes all of that away.”

Other than a Starbucks dictionary, Brown also plans to include drink modifications and recommendations, round up some customer stereotypes, a kid's drink menu, plus some info on how much caffeine that double dirty chai has.

According to Brown, you can get your drink a specific temperature, as well as different milks and sugars (we figured as much).

The Kickstarter page has an incredibly long video about the project, but Brown does address why Starbucks is so expensive at the 8:16 minute mark. Apparently, it's because "Starbucks purchases only premium coffee, and it's not as prevalent, and it's much more susceptible to being damaged." Interesting.

Prices aside, Brown promises a "spring in your step" towards Starbucks if you read his book. Or, you could just stick to normal coffee places, with a sign like the one on the right.