Blueberry Wines for National Blueberry Month

You can even make your own blueberry wine

Get out the baking supplies because July is National Blueberry Month! If you’re a blueberry fan, you might already be planning to celebrate the height of summer with blueberry pie, blueberry muffins, blueberry jam, or just plain blueberries fresh after picking.

If you’re feeling super-charged on blueberries, then here are two wines made of fermented blueberries that you might want to try this blueberry month:

KEEL & CURLEY WINERY Sweet Blueberry Wine Non-Vintage (Florida) $12.
Medium-bodied and quite sweet with a deep purple-red color, this wine has strong blueberry flavors and is neither too syrupy nor too watery, as many fruit wines can be. Bring this to a neighborhood barbecue and introduce your friends to the world of fruit wines. Available here.

ALBA VINEYARD Blueberry Wine Non-Vintage (New Jersey) $12.
Fermented using a "whole berry" technique that best preserves color and flavor, this deep red wine is rich in blueberry character and sugary sweetness. An excellent choice to drink with your blueberry dessert. Available here.

Up for an even bigger challenge? Try making your own blueberry wine. If you follow these instructions, you may discover a new hobby.

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