Japan Gets Limited-Edition Heart-Shaped ‘Pocky of Happiness’

The 'Pocky of Happiness' is blue and shaped like a heart

The Blueberry Pocky of Happiness is a limited-edition snack made with blue chocolate and a strawberry-flavored, heart-shaped Pocky stick.

Pocky are a super popular snack in Japan, where the candy-covered sticks are available in an enormous variety of flavors. Now, for a special treat, the makers of Pocky have figured out how to shape the sticks like hearts and covered them in blueberry chocolate to create “The Pocky of Happiness.”

According to Rocket News 24, the new snack is called “The Blueberry Pocky of Happiness,” in  a reference to the Bluebird of Happiness that is supposed to bring good fortune and happiness to anybody who sees it. The Pocky might not confer magical happiness, but it does sound pretty tasty and cute. The pretzel part of the Pocky is pink and shaped like a heart instead of being bread-colored and shaped like a plain old stick. It’s still long and skinny, but if one looked at it from the bottom or took a cross-section of the Pocky, one would see that it is actually shaped like a heart.

The end of the special Pocky is dipped in blue chocolate made with blueberry-flavored cream, and the pretzel part gets its happy pink color from strawberries.


The Blueberry Pocky of Happiness is available in Japanese convenience stores through February, at which point it will leave again and everyone will just have to find happiness on their own.