Say It with Pocky: Updated Packaging for Every Occasion

The well-known chocolate-covered biscuit sticks get a packaging makeover

Flickr / Janine / CC BY 4.0

10 new packaging designs will be released, combining ‘Pocky’ with Japanese and English words.

Pocky, the well-known and loved chocolate-covered crunchy biscuit stick from Japan, is getting a makeover, according to Rocket News 24. Beginning December 29, 10 new packaging varieties will appear on Japanese supermarket shelves, combining the word Pocky with Japanese and English words for every occasion.

Original Pocky will bear ‘Thanky,’ combining ‘thank you’ and ‘Pocky,’ and ‘Yorocky,’referencing the Japanese word yoroshiku, used when saying thank you or asking for a favor. ‘Sukky’ combines Pocky with the Japanese word suki, meaning to like, perfect for giving to significant others and friends. ‘Giricky’ references occasions when giri-choco, or obligations chocolates are called for, such as Valentine’s Day.

Also perfect for Valentine’s Day are strawberry flavored Pocky bearing a heart pattern on the packaging and sayings such as ‘Lovecky’ (love + Pocky) and Tomocky, for tomodachi, or friends. Almond Crush Pocky features ‘Ganbacky,’ for ganbatte kudasai, or hang in there and try your best, and ‘Okaecy’ for an okaeshi, or return gift.

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The limited edition packaging will be available through February 2016.