Blue Sky Donut Send-Off

'Breaking Bad' is gone, but a blue-sky donut lives on

Couldn't you just eat both Aaron Paul and the 'Blue Sky' donut right up?!

This Sunday, Sept. 29, the drama and the drugs came to an end as we said goodbye with the series finale of Breaking Bad. To ease the pain of losing TV’s most beloved badass, we found some delicious donuts that are so tasty they should be illegal. With dozens of unforgettable, magical TV moments, the groundbreaking show deserves a proper send-off.

Rebel Donut, an Albuquerque, N.M., donut shop, paid homage to the epic TV show with a "Blue Sky" donut, a Heisenberg electric blue donut topped with blue crystal rock candy. The shop’s eccentricity doesn’t end there: they have tons of delicious donut offerings that take your favorite iced confections to the next level. A maple bacon bar donut? Um, yes please! The best news? They ship! So if you are jonesing for a bite of legal (and way tastier) "Blue Sky," give Rebel Donut a call to get your fix.