Blue Duck Tavern Debuts Heart-Healthy Dishes

Blue Duck Tavern offers a healthy menu
Blue Duck Tavern healthy eats
Courtesy of the Blue Duck Tavern

Washington, D.C.'s Blue Duck Tavern is now offering heart healthy breakfast items like gluten-free, low-sugar pastries.

Last month, award-winning Blue Duck Tavern introduced new breakfast menu items to celebrate American Heart Month. The popular Washington, D.C. spot is now serving gluten-free, low-sugar, and egg white dishes made with fresh, locally sourced produce.

On Feb. 19, Blue Duck Tavern hosted a handful of media professionals to sample its new tasty offerings. I approached the breakfast with some hesitation. Sure it was at one of the District’s top restaurants, but could low-sugar, gluten-free items really taste good? As it turns out, yes, they can. We started with this smooth and rich peanut butter and banana smoothie that I’m still thinking about. After drinks, we started on our main courses. A granola bar made with agave syrup (instead of honey), available in cherry, chocolate & almond, and apple cinnamon flavors, tasted chewy and sweet.

The gluten-free sour cream coffee cake was not as crumbly as your average coffee cake, but the spices packed a familiar punch topped off with a crispy crust. We then sampled gluten-free orange scones, waffles, and pancakes, both served with seasonal garnish, and low-sugar marmalades and preserves available in blood orange, pear, and apple. The scones were my second favorite item. They tasted sweet and thick with a lip-puckering orange finish. Chandler Bing would have approved; I’m sure of it. The waffles and pancakes tasted a little thicker than “regular” ones, but were just as tasty. The most filling dish, an egg white frittata, with potato, charred onion, kale and romesco, was a delightful blend of flavors despite being a tad watery. At $6 to $15 a pop, the menu items are very reasonably priced.

Additional items on this overhauled menu include natural low fat or no fat yogurt with fruit, and low-fat yogurt, granola and berry parfait and an organic smoothie. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice with flavors including orange, grapefruit, apple, tomato, ginger-carrot, pineapple and mint (try this one), pomegranate and orange are also available for $5.

Next time you’re in D.C.’s West End and are searching for healthier breakfast options, consider popping into the Blue Duck Tavern. Your taste buds (and your heart) will thank you.

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