Black Friday Wines: How to Cope With Wine

What to drink the day after Thanksgiving

Wines for the day after Thanksgiving.

There are two camps when it comes to dealing with Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when the Christmas shopping season begins in earnest.

Members of Camp A go to bed early on Thanksgiving night in order to get a jump on the midnight and 6 a.m. door-buster sales the next day. The other camp settles in for some serious football.

In either case, presuming you plan to eat more on Black Friday than Cinnabons and Sbarro’s, we thought a guide to pairing wine with Thanksgiving leftovers might come in handy.

Cajun spiced turkey, dressing and cranberry – This combination of juicy, slightly spicy turkey with cornbread dressing and tangy cranberry relish is so good, why do we save it for just Thanksgiving? A supple red wine with berry and spice flavors will make this meal even more delicious.
Pair with: FLIPFLOP WINES Left Coast Malbec 2011 (Chile) $7

Potatoes au gratin – Cheesy potatoes are a must on Thanksgiving, whether they’re bathed in gruyere or white cheddar. Trust chenin blanc from the Savennieres — known for its minerality and depth — to take your potatoes to another level.
Pair with: ERIC MORGAT Savennieres L’Enclos 2009 (Loire, France) $40

Green bean casserole – It’s not great for your waistline, but it’s hard to resist green beans in a creamy mushroom sauce toped by crispy onion. A Napa sauvignon blanc will compliment the green flavors and the richness in this casserole.
Pair with: TURNBULL WINE CELLARS Sauvignon Blanc 2011 (Oakville) $20

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Raisins – These little green cabbage cousins have become the darling of the vegetable world; especially when paired with some pork and a hint of sweetness. A floral and pleasantly sweet wine that also loves pork should do the trick.
Pair with: CAVICCHIOLI Lambrusco Dolce, non-vintage (Emilia-Romagna, Italy) $7

Maple Pecan Pie – Pecan pie can be a tricky one when it comes to wine pairing: It’s so sweet that it can overwhelm a beverage. Tawny port or cream sherry would work, but this unusual grenache blanc made like sherry hits all the right notes.
Pair with: DOMAINE FONTANEL Rivesaltes Ambré 2000 (Languedoc-Rousillon, France) $23

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What’s your favorite Thanksgiving leftover? What kind of wine will you enjoy with it? Tell us below.