Black Eye Coffee Gets a Huge Mural

Staff Writer
Thanks to Kickstarter, a young Denver coffee shop now has a large painting of a man and a kangaroo on its wall

If you like your coffee with a lump or two of cultured whimsy, stop by Black Eye Coffee next time you’re in the Highlands in Denver. More precisely, look at the side of the brick building it’s in, the historic and restored Coors Theater, upon which you’ll find a colossal depiction of an old-timey, mustachioed man engaging in a bout of boxing with a kangaroo, which is in the process of laying an uppercut on him.

The painting, completed by Colorado local Larry Polzin, came into existence by means of a plucky Kickstarter campaign that lasted from March 27 through May 1. By that date it surpassed its goal of $6,000 with a satisfying $6,280 from 76 backers, more than enough to pay for Polzin’s “expertise, scaffolding, materials, video production, unforeseen costs and gifts provided,” as the painter completed the project for the seven-month-old Black Eye Coffee at a discount. The shop stated that its intent was to further the restoration of the century-old structure and turn it into more of a city landmark through greater investment in its appearance, including the large mural.

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Eater reported yesterday that the mural is finally finished, and that Ali Elman, one of the shop’s owners, said that most of the Kickstarter contributors came from “the community and business owners in the area.”