Birmingham Trip Tips

Staff Writer
We talk to Chris Hastings about where to go when visiting the culinary hub of Alabama


We all love Southern food because it promises comfort and nostalgia, and there few places better to get it than Birmingham. This Alabama city has become one of the most popular culinary destinations for authentic Southern flavor. We caught up with Chris Hastings of Hot and Hot Fish Club to learn more about the vibrant dining scene.

The culinary roots of Birmingham run deep. “It’s a mature food community,” says Hastings. Since the 1980's the food scene has exploded, with diverse offerings from food trucks, ethnic places, and fine dining restaurants. There is also an abundance of fresh ingredients from community gardens and farmers' markets.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quaint lunch spot, Southern-inspired Mexican, or Chinese, Hastings has recommendations for them all. And while the weather’s nice, Hasting suggests walking around 2nd Avenue and Homewood where there are any number of great finds.

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For more of Hastings’ Birmingham picks, watch the video above and, if you’re in the mood for Southern-style seafood, make sure to stop by Hot and Hot Fish Club