Bill Murray Tended Bar in Brooklyn this Weekend

Bill Murray poured whiskey and shots at the opening of his son’s new restaurant
Bill Murray


Bill Murray brought a stranger he met in an Uber and a stuffed badger to tend bar at his son's new restaurant.

Seeing Bill Murray behind a Brooklyn bar seems like the sort of thing that might happen in a movie, but this weekend it happened for real when the actor decided to step in and mix drinks at the opening of his son’s new restaurant, 21 Greenpoint.

According to the New York Post, Murray showed up for his shift on Friday evening with a stranger he’d met in an Uber and a stuffed badger wearing a hunting jacket.

Murray reportedly did not start tossing bottles like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, nor did he try his hand at any of the restaurant’s more complicated signature cocktails. He gamely served shots and straight whiskey, to himself as well as the guests, and mixed up a vodka-soda or two.

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Bill Murray is a treasured comedian and movie star, but he’s not exactly an experienced mixologist. According to the Post, when a customer asked Murray if he could make a Bellini, he paused for a moment and told her, “I know people that do.” Then he tapped in one of the bar’s actual bartenders.