Bill Murray Throws Fans’ Phones Off Restaurant Roof

Bill Murray tossed some fans’ phones off a restaurant for taking his picture
Actor Bill Murray


Beloved actor Bill Murray reportedly lost his temper with some fans and threw their phones off the roof of a California restaurant. 

Actor Bill Murray has a reputation for engaging in wacky hijinks with fans and passersby, but this week police were called to a California restaurant after he reportedly lost his temper with a few of them and threw their phones from the restaurant’s rooftop bar.

According to US Magazine, Murray was at the Starlight Rooftop Lounge at the Vesuvio Restaurant in Carmel, California, when some other patrons allegedly started taking his picture and had their flashes on. Murray then grabbed the three phones right out of their hands and threw them off the roof. The fans say they weren’t actually taking pictures of Murray at all and that the actor just ran up out of nowhere and snatched the phones from their hands.

Police were called, but Murray had left by the time they arrived. A representative for Bill Murray says that he admits to throwing the phones and would pay for the damages. The phones’ owners were fine with that, and no charges will be pressed.  

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