The Big Easy Cafe- San Antonio,TX

The Big Easy Cafe- San Antonio,TX

This week’s review takes us a bit outside our normal area to our sister city of San Antonio. Alex had been talking about this great Cajun place in San Antonio for a while and since we happened to be in the area we thought, why not try ‘em?

For anyone in Austin, I know you’re probably thinking, you mean there’s more than just Mexican food in San Antonio? Yes there is. There is much, much more than that one of these places is the unassuming Big Easy Café. Located right off a busy intersection, this place is easy to miss but you’ll regret it if you do. The staff is friendly and the food is authentic and very tasty. Here’s what we had-

Fried Oyster Po’Boy

It may seem sacrilegious to some, but I’ve never been a huge fan of oysters. I’ve always thought them to be a bit overrated. The fried oysters here however are well worth trying. The oysters themselves are perfectly tender and flavorful and the batter is good and crunchy, providing a nice contrast to the texture of the oysters within. It comes served on a large roll with lemon, tomato, and lettuce. Dave also got the dirty rice as a side. A very generous and filling plate, well worth trying.

Fried Shrimp Plate

Fried shrimp are one of my favorite things eat, especially when tossed with some nice Cajun seasonings. The shrimp were good sized (no puny popcorn shrimp here) and fried to a nice tender texture. Like the oysters the batter is nice and crunchy, providing a nice contrast of textures. This plate comes with three sides; I chose the potato salad, green beans, and the mac and cheese. The potato salad and green beans are as good as any I’ve had anywhere else. As far as the mac and cheese goes, you have to understand that I am a bit spoiled here. I realize that with mac and cheese, the variations are nearly endless and it can spark rather passionate debates over whose is the best. Personally I’m used to my mother’s and Alex’s and quite frankly no other mac and cheese can measure up. There is no further discussion on the matter. All differing opinions are simply incorrect. Having said that however, I have to admit that this one ranks among the better alternate versions I have tried. It may not be mom’s or Alex’s but you certainly can’t go wrong with it.

Next time you're in the area, give 'em a try!

AFJ Rating- 2 Lone Star Points

5170 Randolph Boulevard

San Antonio, TX 78233

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(210) 653-5688

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