Beyond Sushi


Photo by Katherine Baker

While the idea of vegan sushi may sound paradoxical, I bring even my most carnivorous friends here, soliciting their blind trust to follow me into the delicious world of Beyond’s re-invented sushi.

I like to start with the carrot salad. The carrots themselves are lightly blanched: slightly tender but with a nice, crisp bite and lightly dressed in a heavenly sauce. The sweetness of the carrots is enhanced with notes of chili, ginger, garlic, fresh cilantro and sesame seeds. Although the flavor combination sounds like it could overwhelm, it doesn’t. It’s simply perfect.

Photo by Katherine Baker

Then comes the sushi. Surprising combinations of healthy but hearty ingredients like sweet potatoes, avocado, mushrooms, tofu and crisp green vegetables are thoughtfully paired together, wrapped in seaweed and a layer of rice, and finished with a special sauce.

This sushi is art, almost impossible to eat without admiring first and snapping a picture What’s even better are the flavors each bite delivers beating all California rolls by a landslide. Take the La Fiesta roll. Filled with avocado, pickled jalapeño and chayote, this beauty is topped with a mango chili sauce, bringing a burst of sweet and spicy to the earthy roll.

Another star at Beyond, both aesthetically and to taste buds, is the rice. They use a 6-Grain blend or black rice in all their rolls giving each role a rich purple hue. Both of these rices, packed with flavor and texture, put white rice to shame. Finally, the seaweed used–which, in my opinion, makes or breaks a sushi experience–is reflective of every ingredient they use: peak freshness.

Photo by Katherine Baker

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Location: 229 E 14th Street (bet 2nd & 3rd Ave)
Hours of Operation: Sun-Wed 11:30am to 10 pm, Thu-Sat 11:30am to 11 p.m.

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