Beyoncé Shares How She's Losing the Baby Weight

Beyoncé told People about prepping for Blue Ivy's birth and how breast-feeding is helping her lose weight

Yes, yes we know Beyoncé is People's Most Beautiful Woman in the World, but that was last week's news. This week's news? How she stays fit post-baby and how she prepared to give birth. 

While the world was waiting to meet Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z's baby, she was busy prepping for the big push, getting beautified days before. She told People, "I got my nails done, I got my feet done, had my hair done, and I had my little lip gloss." She went on to talk about how she was unrecognizable due to her weight gain and being pumped with fluids during the birthing process, but it was all worth it for her gorgeous baby Blue. 

The singer gained 50 pounds during her pregnancy and breast-feeding has helped her get a head start on her weight loss. About a month after the baby was born, Beyoncé went straight to work, with a restricted diet and an intense workout regime. She counted calories, began walking, and then sped up to running, and stayed away from all her delicious favorite foods, but is super happy to have her figure back. 

"I'm proud that my waist came back so fast. I'm proud of that and happy, but that was mostly from the breast-feeding," Beyonce told People. 

You go, Beyoncé. Mothers everywhere, take a cue from this one.