A Better Way to Boost Your Energy With Energems


Three candies equal one cup of coffee or a typical energy drink.

Is it possible to get your caffeine fix without messy liquids, phenylalanine, or getting the jitters? It is with L-theanine, a natural supplement found in Energems. Similar to M&Ms, these bite-sized hard coated chocolates are made with real milk chocolate but also contain caffeine, B-vitamins and a proprietary energy blend.

Many energy drinks and shots rely on Aspartame. Energems do not. Energems founder Brian Sweet figured that since over 83 percent of Americans consume chocolate, what better way to increase your energy than a great tasting, chocolate based energy supplement?

I found these candies to be tasty but definitely have a noticeable edge (like dark espresso). I especially like the fact that the boxes are built for real world on-the-go storage and access....the top tab actually stays closed even when tossed into your bag with other items jostling around.

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Three candies equal one cup of coffee or a typical energy drink yet contain only total 45 calories and two grams of fat. Just use common sense and make sure you don't absentmindedly munch your way through more than two boxes (18 gems) per day.