The Better Jell-O Shot


Every frat is always looking for a new way to make their parties more awesome or get a bigger turnout at mixers. Jell-O shots seem to always do the trick. It could be that girls actually love the experience of eating alcohol in gelatin form, or maybe they’re just excited by the fact that ten lazy frat brothers actually spent hours making hundreds of these gummy alcoholic treats. Regardless, Jell-o shots bring more people, make drinking even more fun and mask the flavor of that Bankers we all love so much. So, whether you’re hosting a few friends over for a pregame or throwing a party for hundreds, these shots will bring more excitement to the event than any regular drink could dream of doing.

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Servings: 125 to 150 2oz. shots


3 6-oz. Jell-O packages
6 cups (= 3 solo cups) of boiling water
3 cups (= 1 ½ solo cups) of cold water
3 cups (= 1 ½ solo cups) of vodka
150 3-oz. Dixie cups
1 large heat-safe pitcher (hard plastic usually does the trick)

Photo by Amanda Shulman


1. Fill a large pot with water and bring to a boil.

Photo by Amanda Shulman

2. While water is boiling, empty the three Jell-O packages into the pitcher and line up the Dixie cups on a flat tray or cookie sheet (you may want to buy aluminum trays from FroGro if you’re making hundreds).

Photo by Amanda Shulman

3. Once the water comes to a boil, measure out 6 cups of the boiling water and add it to the pitcher of Jell-O mix. If you don’t have a cup measure in the house, find an alternate cup/bowl with the same volume of a solo cup that wont melt.
4. Stir the contents of the pitcher until the mix has completely dissolved.
5. Add the 3 cups of cold water and 3 cups of vodka to the pitcher. If you want stronger shots, add more vodka and less cold water, but keep the total of the two ingredients at 6 cups. Stir completely.
6. Fill up the Dixie cups with Jell-O mix about half way to the top. Refrigerate for at least two hours and serve when ready.

Photo by Amanda Shulman

How to Eat:

Do not squeeze the shot out of the Dixie cup; you will end up with a wet hand and half of a wasted jello shot. Instead, rip the cup down vertically from the rim until you hit the bottom, and then twist the sides of the cup until all you have left is the circular shot of jello on the bottom of what used to be a Dixie cup. There’s an art to it.


  • No one likes green.
  • If you plan on making them for a big party, 800 total is usually a safe number. For this quantity, stackable aluminum trays and an empty fridge or two are an absolute must.
  • The shots end up having around the same alcohol content per fl oz as standard wines, so eat responsibly!
  • If you’re going to make them stronger, make sure the taste of the alcohol isn’t too overwhelming (the only thing worse than drinking Bankers is definitely eating it).
  • Stop thinking about buying green.

WARNING: This may get messy.

Photo by Amanda Shulman

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