Best Wine Bars in Seattle

Tried and true wine hot spots in the Emerald City

Seattleites love their wine.

It could be because of the Emerald City’s wealth of precipitous and overcast days which are generally celebrated by locals indoors. These indoor activities are more often than not accompanied by good bottles of wine to both honor good company and enjoy the rainy season in a more upbeat manner. So, Seattle wine bars aim to please.

Top Seattle wine bars have high standards to meet as set by their regulars. Local wine enthusiasts generally prefer savoring high-quality wines in relaxed yet sophisticated venues, and they demand many things: knowledgeable wine servers, stimulating scenery, delectable food offerings, great service, and of course, a compelling but well-priced wine selection. In other words, they want establishments that serve world-class wines without the super-formal atmosphere of private clubs and ultra-luxe restaurants.

If you find yourself in Seattle and want to savor offerings from around the world in a relaxed and comfortable ambiance, seek out one (or all) of the tried and true, award-winning wine hot spots on this list. And don’t worry, they’re all indoors so you can stay out of the rain.

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— martyaquino, Snooth