Best Spots for Poutine in New York City

Fries, cheese, and gravy? Yes, please!

When it comes to poutine in New York City, it doesn't get much better than Mile End.

If there’s one food item whose arrival in New York in the past few years has been a mixed blessing, it’s poutine. Why mixed? Well, on one hand it’s a bowl of fries topped with cheese curds and gravy, and it’s freaking delicious. On the other hand, it’s a bowl of fries topped with cheese curds and gravy, and it’s really freaking bad for you. But when the craving hits, nothing will satisfy except for this Montreal import. Here are the four best spots for poutine in New York.

Corner Burger, Brooklyn
This cozy burger joint in Park Slope also serves some great poutine. While their traditional variety is a tasty and faithful, a whopping 13 variations are also available, including a pizza poutine with pepperoni, mozzarella, and marinara, and a traditional poutine galvaude, which includes shredded chicken and peas.

Shopsin’s, Manhattan
Yes, hiding in this legendary hole-in-the-wall’s sprawling menu is a stellar bowl of poutine. Super-crispy fries are doused in brown gravy, topped with cheese curds, and finished off with three poached eggs.  It is truly a thing of beauty.

Pommes Frites, Manhattan
Best known for its twice-fried Belgian frites and legion of dipping sauces, it’s often forgotten that Pommes Frites also serves great poutine, as the name suggests. The ratio of fries to gravy to curds is spot-on, and it’s even served in a Styrofoam cup, as it is at many places in Montreal.

Mile End, Brooklyn
The shop that started the poutine craze in New York is still serving the dish in its finest iteration, and is also serving it at their Manhattan location, Mile End Sandwich. Fries are super-crispy, the brown gravy is homemade, and cheese curds are from Maine’s Silver Moon Creamery. Amply portioned, super-fresh, properly proportioned, well-sourced, and topped with freshly made Montreal-style smoked meat if you want it (you want it), it doesn’t get any better than Mile End, at least outside of Montreal.



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