The Best Rieslings on a Budget

10 rieslings that won't break the bank

As I tasted riesling last week, I considered some of the reasons for its lack of wider popularity. Some say it's because the wines range from dry to very sweet, but I’m not convinced. I think one of the reasons is that too much riesling out there relies on that sweetness to make the wine appealing, leaving consumers wanting more from their wine.

What follows are 10 of the best values I tasted, wines that can bring a lot of interest to the table even if there’s enough sugar present to make almost anyone enjoy them (though not all of the wines are noticeably sweet). This set of wines would actually make for a good introduction to riesling, with at least a wine or two that will make your palate stop and reconsider.

My full set of notes, more than 40 wines tasted, will be released on Thursday. Hopefully by then your interest will be piqued! Now onto the wines.

Click here to find the perfect budget-friendly riesling for you.

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— Gregory Del Piaz, Snooth