You Have To Try Chilaquiles, The Greatest Food Ever

Chilaquiles is the ultimate breakfast dish. It is a Mexican dish traditionally made with eggs, beans, onions, queso panela, and sour cream. "[The dish] uses leftover tortillas, crisped, as the base for a topping of a sauce, cheese, and eggs (or chicken). Just as a frittata uses up extra sautéed vegetables and yesterday's pasta, or as fried rice makes the most of Sunday night's dried-out takeout," says special contributor Big Girls Small Kitchen.

Chilaquiles is the perfect food to have in any situation — hangovers, morning pick me ups, or a simple brunch recipe, this is the dish you should be making. Here are a few variations on the beloved Mexican dish.

Chilaquiles Divorciados Recipe

While the preparation may seem a little daunting, this dish utilizes staples that are always in the Mexican home. Shredded chicken is often added to fortify the dish and topping the plate with fried, fresh farm eggs is a classic way of battling the previous day's cerveza and/or tequila indulgence. — Bernard McDonough

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Chilaquiles with Pasilla Salsa and Hen-of-the-Woods Mushrooms

In Mexico, cooks serve this quick casserole of fried tortillas and salsa as a brunch dish with eggs. We omit the eggs and instead combine hen-of-the-woods mushrooms with a spicy, rich salsa made from pasilla chiles, resulting in a light but satisfying vegetarian main course. — Alex Stupak

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Green Chilaquiles Recipe

There's nothing quite like an impressive mound of freshly fried tortilla chips, carnitas, and scrambled eggs to beat even the toughest hangovers. This recipe packs a punch, too, with tomatillos and jalapeños bringing the heat. — Suzanne Tracht

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