18 Indulgent Paleo Recipes

From sweet berry pancakes to savory rump roasts, we've got you covered

Planning meals when you’re following a limited diet plan is never easy. It’s especially difficult when the diet you chose rules out comforting staples like grains and dairy. Originally made popular by best-selling cookbooks in 2002, the paleo diet has continued to gain momentum as a trendy weight loss regimen. Cancelling out all processed foods and unrefined sugars, the diet supports meals made with a mix of vegetables and hearty meats like beef and bacon.

18 Indulgent Paleo Recipes Gallery

The paleo diet is based on the hypothesis that history made an impact in our digestion. Followers believe that the quick development of farming practices altered humans’ diets without allowing enough time for our digestive systems to adapt. Paleo dieters insist that eliminating food groups rich in sodium and saturated fats is proven to improve health. But the science is heavily debated.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, if you’re considering giving this lifestyle a try, you might find that a long lineup of ingredients has to leave your shopping list. It can be difficult to prepare a filling dish without relying on staples like rice and cheese (although some research shows early humans did in fact consume some dairy).

If you’re avoiding dairy or gluten, paleo-friendly recipes may seem like a good place to start. Luckily, catering to your food allergies doesn’t have to mean giving up an energizing breakfast or a well-deserved dessert. You might be happy to find that some of your favorites fall within paleo guidelines, such as dark chocolate, cinnamon, almonds, and sweet potatoes.


Whether you’re following paleo’s parameters with drill sergeant restraint or simply introducing a few gut-healthy dishes to your menu, these recipes can help. We reached out to our network of food bloggers and asked them to share their favorite paleo-compliant recipes with us. Here are 18 paleo recipes to try this week.