Breakfast Hack Alert: Make An Omelette In A Bag

Making an omelette can be tough — you can turn it too late and the eggs on the bottom will be burnt, or you can turn it at just the right time, but the eggs can break... Making omelettes is a science and we're here to help you master that science.

There's an amazing video of a fool-proof way to make the perfect omelette — in a bag. If you're making brunch for a crowd, this is the perfect way to do it because you can make multiple omelettes at once.

In order to make this omelette you'll need: eggs, your favorite omelette toppings (diced ham, cheese, diced onions, diced peppers,etc.), and a zip lock bag. While you're prepping your omelette, fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil.

Add two eggs to your zip lock bag, scramble it in the bag, add in your omelette toppings, mix it all together, close the zip lock bag, and make sure all of the air is let out. Place your eggs in a bag in the boiling water for 13 minutes. Take it out of the water and roll your omelette on to a plate.

Now you have a perfect omelette that took almost no effort at all.