Big Game Recipes that Won’t Tackle Your Diet

Watch the big game and your waistline too

Enjoy your favorite game day foods without the extra calories

The big game is around the corner and on average, American’s are expected to eat 2,400 calories just while watching the game!

That’s 1.25 billion chicken wings, 11.2 million pounds of potato chips, 4 million pizzas and 50 million cases of beer. Don’t be a statistic, join the plant protein bandwagon and have a little peace of mind while stress eating during that nail-biting game.

Plant based foods have been associated with lower risk of heart disease and blood pressure as well as helping people maintain a healthy weight. So, while cheering on your favorite teams this year, be kind to yourself and try out these delicious, healthier alternatives to some of your favorite football snacks.

These mini sliders are sure to be a touchdown on game day. Bold flavors like caramelized beer onions and a sweet blackberry sauce combined with a juicy quinoa patty are sure to keep your taste buds in play for the rest of the year.

Smart Patty Sliders with Blackberry BBQ Sauce Recipe

Have a big crowd? Set up a mix and match hot dag bar with these delicious vegan hot dogs. With four different options, this healthy alternative will please all the fans, regardless of what team you’re rooting for.

Smart Dogs Done Four Ways Recipe

Layered with vegetarian chili, this non-traditional take on ziti will tackle your game day hunger. This dish is packed with beans, spices and chilies and is a great way to switch up your typical Sunday routine.

Baked Chili Ziti Recipe

Nothing says football quite like wings. These buffalo “wings” will spice up your hosting game for the big game. Serve with a light and easy blue cheese dip that will keep everyone coming back for more. 

Smart Wings with Blue Cheese Dip Recipe

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