The Best Breakfast in Every State

The Best Breakfast in Every State

There’s more to American breakfasts than our cereal aisle!

Breakfast is an all-American staple, and here at The Daily Meal there is a wide range of favorite breakfasts among our editors, everything from English muffins to yogurts to smoothies. But after much deliberation and research we set out to find you the best breakfast in every state so we can expand our minds and taste buds to the delicacies available in each part of our country.

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As much as we love our cereals, we also love to indulge in some hearty brunches at the local diner. Many of these menu staples from our local joint have interesting histories and origins. You see, breakfast as we know it today took shape over time — the morning meal wasn’t always a plate piled high with waffles and syrup!

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Romans called breakfast jentaculum (or ientaculum). It was usually made up of everyday staples like bread, cheese, olives, salad, nuts, raisins, and cold meat left over from the night before. There was no gas to cook things quickly, so eating leftovers made more sense back then. As civilization evolved, so has our taste for more intricate, cooked breakfasts. So next time you think you’re making a simple fried egg in the morning, keep in mind the evolution of your morning banquet  it might taste that much sweeter as you discover the best breakfast in every state.