Bake Yourself a Bunny for Easter

The perfect cake and icing recipe for a sweet Easter treat

Country Crock® created an adorable cake that doesn’t require a special cake pan.

If you’re looking for a fun dessert for Easter, consider baking a bunny cake. Country Crock® created an adorable cake that doesn’t require a special cake pan – just bake two round layers, make two simple cuts, and assemble – there’s nothing to it!

Kids and adults alike will think you’re a genius for figuring out the design, but you needn’t tell them how easy it was. Just present it, slice it, serve, and smile.

Some folks think that decorating a cake is harder than baking one, but Country Crock has that covered as well. The frosting is as simple as it could be – just Country Crock® spread and powdered sugar, with optional vanilla and optional food coloring, if you prefer a bunny of a different color. Beat it until it’s fluffy, and it’s ready to meet the cake. Using Country Crock® is ideal, because it’s ready to use straight from the refrigerator, it has less saturated fat than butter, and it add delicious flavor to the cake and frosting.

No need to be super-neat with the application of the frosting, either – kids can help and be a little messy with the frosting, because the next step is a generous sprinkle of shredded coconut that gives the cake a fluffy appearance and hides all the frosting imperfections.

Experienced cake decorators can finish the design by piping on colored icing for the eyes, mouth, nose, and whiskers, but it would be just as cute adorned with jelly beans, licorice whips, and other candies – it’s not a realistic bunny, it’s a fun bunny.

A cake like this could easily become a family tradition, with the decorating getting more and more sophisticated each year as the kids get older and more artistic. It’s the kind of memory that lasts long after the last crumb of cake has disappeared.

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