Add The Daily Meal to Your Favorites and Bookmarks

How to bookmark The Daily Meal, because we know you want to
Add The Daily Meal to your Favorites and Bookmarks

Add The Daily Meal to your Favorites and Bookmarks

Thanks for stopping by The Daily Meal! We don't want you to leave (ever), but if you must go please don't be a stranger. Here are easy instructions on how to add The Daily Meal to your Bookmarks or Favorites so that you can always find your way back. The instructions are different for different web browsers. We hope these instructions make it easy, but if you have any problem with this, please send us a note to let us know.

  1. Internet Explorer: Right click anywhere on the web page and then select "Add to Favorites”. A pop up will appear then add to "favorites bar". Expert tip: use the shortcut ctrl + D then click on "favorite bar". Then add to favorite to favorites bar.
  2. Chrome: On your keyboard, press Ctrl + D or click on the button with three bars in the top right corner of the browser. Select “book marks” and click “book mark this page”.
  3. Firefox: On your keyboard, press Ctrl + D or go to the top right and click the star. This will book mark a page.
  4. Safari: On your keyboard, press Command + D, and then click “bookmarks” at the top. Click “Add bookmark” from the dropdown menu. 

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