10 Great Grilled Kebabs Recipes That Are Perfect For Summer

Grilling season is here, and whether you're planning on serving juicy, marinated chicken breast or meaty, marbled steaks, it's time to start cooking more of your meals outdoors. We can't think of a food that doesn't taste good after it's been grilled (even moist, buttery pound cake tastes more delicious with a little bit of char), so we decided to make grilling the theme of this week's SWAT (Sharing With A Theme).

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One of our favorite ways to cook foods on the grill? Kebabs. Kebabs are perfect for everything from a casual, weeknight, family-style meal to a big cookout (with lots of friends) on the weekend.  We asked the Daily Meal staff and Culinary Content Network members to share their best grilled kebab recipes and the results were mouthwatering. Here are some of this week's highlights.

Skinny General Gau's Chicken Kabob
Adam from Food E File has us dreaming of sweet-and-spicy, perfectly charred chicken kebabs. His General Gau's chicken is basted with a sticky glaze and garnished with sliced scallions for lots of delicious flavor. The best part? He's managed to pack all of the flavor of one our favorite Chinese recipes into a version that's healthier and lower in fat.

Grilled Cake Kebabs with Orange Frosting
Who says you can't grill pound cake? The Daily Meal's Managing Editor, Lauren Gordon, proves that even dessert tastes better when you hit it with a little bit of smoke. The great thing about grilling pound cake is that it causes the sugar in the cake to caramelize, leaving sweet and smoky char lines all over this dessert.

Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Chicken
It's tough to compete with the salty, smoky deliciousness of bacon — which brings us to this week's winner: Carrie, from Poet in the Pantry. She wraps pieces of chicken in slices of bacon before skewering and grilling them. The result? Tender, juicy chicken with lots of bacon fat-basted flavor.

All of the recipes featured this week can easily be made at home (if don't have an outdoor grill, try a cast-iron grill pan instead) and all without spending a lot on ingredients. Ready to start grilling? Here are 10 recipes you have to try.

Grilled Chicken KabobsClick here for the recipe.

These tasty chicken skewers get their distinctive color from turmeric (one of the common ingredients in curry) and flavor from garlic, fresh cilantro, lime juice, and red chile flakes.

Coconut and Lime Grilled Shrimp SkewersClick here for the recipe.

These colorful kebabs are sure to be a hit at any cookout — and they're easy to make. You'll be surprised how much flavor you can pack into a shrimp skewer with just six ingredients and a few minutes of prep!