Best Places to Talk Business in Philadelphia

Business trips are more than just earning frequent flier miles and finding free WiFi

If you’re anything like George Clooney in Up in the Air, you already know which airport security line to get into, which hotel bar is open late, and which breakfast buffet doesn’t suck. But what if you’re not traveling every week to fire people and are, instead, flying out to woo a new client or prove yourself to some business big-dogs? On top of that, what if you’re doing it in a city you barely know? We’ve got your back — whether it’s a power lunch, a fancy dinner, a city’s best hidden gem, or the perfect after-meeting bar scene, your next business trip is under control… particularly (for this installment) if your business is in Philadelphia.

Power Lunch: Barclay Prime

What’s more business-lunch classic than a midcentury modern-style steakhouse? If you’re in Philly for some serious business, do as the Mad Men would have, but maybe, keep the martinis to a minimum. From the retro-design to the raw bar and from the dry-aged Porterhouse to the truffle whipped

potatoes, Barclay Prime should be your first order of business on arriving in Philadelphia.

Fancy Dinner: XIX

Traveling for business is only fun when you get to book the reservations and someone else gets to pay. If that’s the case, you’ll take a table at XIX. High atop the Hyatt hotel, XIX (pictured) is a gilded room with a coveted view and an enticing wine list. Whether you splurge on a seafood tasting, tuck into the bouillabaisse, or stick with the steak frites, your ability to pair a wine with your meal will no doubt leave a lasting (and positive) imprint. (Photo courtesy of XIX)

(If you’re trying to impress a client over lunch and you’re paying, stop by XIX for their $20 Café Table Lunch, instead.)

High End Sushi: Morimoto

There’s something about dining at high end sushi restaurants that just coaxes phrases like “it’s a pleasure doing business with you” out of full and happy mouths. Even if your clients aren’t raw fish aficionados, Morimoto has mouth-watering Japanese cuisine for every palate in a bright, modern, sleek space.

After-Meeting Drinks: The Franklin

Once all the numbers have been tossed around, get a real sense of your potential colleagues or clients by finding the bottom of the glass at The Franklin. The story goes that The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company was a front for the largest alcohol ring during Prohibition. You and your drinking companions can find common ground in classic cocktails like a rye Old Fashioned or an Aviation.

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