Boston's 10 Best Pizzerias

Best places to get your pizza on in and around Boston

Pastoral's soon-to-be infamous beef carpaccio pizza is among one of many top pizza digs in and around Boston.

Sure, you think Pizza, you think New York or Chicago, but Boston has some pretty tasty pizza digs too. Here are The Daily Meal’s top pizza picks for the city of Boston.

1. Area Four

A4 has been flying high on its pizza street cred since it opened its doors three years ago. With an original location in Techonology Square, A4 has also opened a pizza bar in Somerville, so the team is clearly doing something right. After testing and retesting their secret dough recipe, they have landed on a perfect balance between thin and thick, not overshadowing the ingredients and toppings, while still standing as a must-finish crust. Fennel sausage with hot banana peppers, simple sopressata, and clam and bacon pizzas are delicious A4 originals.

Area Four (credit: Facebook/Area Four)

2. FIG

Beacon Hill is usually known for its antique stores and dog boutiques, but you should skip over FIG, a Todd English classic, and home of the delectable fig and prosciutto pizza. At FIG, pizzas come in large rectangles for the enjoyment of one, or an entire party. They don't deliver or do takeout, but sometimes the ends justify the delicious means.

3. Picco

In the South End you'll find one of Boston’s greatest spots for Neapolitan pizza. Think big globs of fresh mozzarella, fresh and chunky tomato sauce, and seasonal ingredients to top it all off. A fan favorite is the Alsatian, with caramelized onions, bacon, gruyere, and creme fraiche. Oh, and they have in-house ice cream as well. Pizza and ice cream. Simple. Genius.

4. Pastoral

The new kid on the block, Pastoral, is an ART-isanal pizza spot conceptualized by Todd Winer in the booming Fort Point area. Located on the same strip as Row 34 and Tavern Road, Pastoral couldn’t have picked a better location. At Pastoral, you can experience traditional pies while experimenting with some fairly adventurous ones. 

5. Otto

What started as a small, standing room only pizza joint is now a blossoming Boston-born pizza chain. Floury dough and New England ingredients is part of what makes Otto so special. That and the sweet potato and goat cheese classic.

6. Posto

In Davis Square, you will find Boston's one and only Neopolitan certified restaurant. The pizza here comes from a tradition of the best pizzas in the world, and is made with classic technique and rustic care. 

7. Scampo

While not technically a pizza place, Lydia Shire’s Scampo is known for its award-winning lobster pizza. A thin crust, house-made ricotta cheese, parmesan, and succulent chunks of fresh lobster make the pie a must-order as an appetizer to share (good luck with that) or as an entrée in itself. From Monday to Friday, stop by Scampo for their just launched Pausa Pranzo... aka, lunch break! Rumour has it, Scampo has a whole collection of treats waiting for you as part of a new take out only lunch menu - and better yet - a lamb pizza, with ricotta and parmessan, sriracha, mint, and spices is among the newbies!

Scampo (credit:

8. New York Pizza

Yes, we had to go there. There will always be a time and a place for the New York pizza joints, even in Boston. Strategically located in the theater district and on the corner of Mass Ave and Columbus, NY Pizza always seems perfectly convenient for a late-night stop on your way home. With slices as big as your face and so greasy your hands (and elbows) are covered in delicious cheesy oil on the first bite, let’s face it – there is simply nothing better.

9. Salvatore’s

With two restaurant locations in Boston and a couple others across New England, Salvatore’s is an Italian pizza joint through and through. From super simple mahrgerita to buffalo chicken and blue cheese, with a whole list of individualized options, you can find pizza to suit your mood any time, any day.

10. Russell House Tavern

Not a pizza restaurant by any stretch, you still shouldn't visit this Harvard Square spot and not order their steak and blue cheese pizza (or any of their others, really). The rich and cunning ingredients here stand out in the best way possible at the hands of Chef Thomas Borgia, and seasonal ingredients are always considered on the menu.

Bonus Spots:


For a super casual, but attentive meal over pizza and housemade pasta, put Quattro on your list. Located on Hanover street, it is in the heart of Boston's North End and Italian stronghold. Neopolitan pizza is their specialty, big globs of fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and a range of toppings as well as a series of white-sauce pizzas like their speck, gorgonzola pizza, or their fig, goat cheese, and arugula.


With a rotating flatbread menu, Jody Adam’s Trade always has something fresh and tasty coming out of its beautiful pizza oven. Ricotta and rosemary with olive oil. Lamb sausage with eggplant. Mushrooms and figs. Enough said. 

The Upper Crust              

The remaining Upper Crust pizzerias still have some of the best thin-crust pizzas in town. Buffalo chicken and blue cheese, simple pepperoni, and their veggie-loaded options are all solid. Consistency is also a virtue here and they offer daily pizza slice specials.

Pizzeria Regina

Established in 1926 on Thatcher street in Boston’s North End, there is a reason all locals go here for some of the greatest pizza in town. Sure, there is usually a line out the door, but once inside, the memories you make over the delicious pizza you eat are always worth the wait.

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